Just do it.
Or don't do it.
Then wish you did.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's Up?

Sometimes I think, "What's the point?"
Am I writing this stuff down in vain?  Who really cares?
And then I think back to when I started my "impossible journey"...
I looked to many-a-blog for answers.  For inspiration.
Then I started eating my "elephant".  One tiny bite at a time.
If I can help out just one person fight the fight, then I am happy.  Thrilled.
I lived in a "FAT HOLE"  for nearly a decade.
I have felt that pain.
I didn't think I could get out.
So, just know that I don't write this to show off.  Really.
It's more of a, "If I can do it, YOU can surely do it"!
And I REALLY want you to do it.

This is my sister.
She has always been in shape and always been my biggest cheerleader.
(It really helps to have one of those).
Back in the beginning, she would run with me.
(Then she found hot yoga.  But that's ok)
She has been an inspiration to me.
She is an example of constant consistency.  And she works hard.

Now we paddleboard together.
(Along with my other sister.  We don't often have a camera with us at the river...)
We even did a bike race this Summer together.
She was a good sport to do it on a mountain bike!
She always has flare.
I like that.
We do crossfit together too.
This is me and my paddleboard.
Can't you tell I'm happy?
Losing weight has made me happy.  Losing weight is freedom.
Freedom to move.
I forgot how sweet that feels.
This Summer me and my friend, "Legs" hiked to the saddle of Mt. Humphreys.
We didn't have time to get to the top.  I really want to go back and do it.
Not in a million years did I think I would ever go on a hike like that.
Total freedom.
Now I don't mind so much when my friends snap pictures with me in them.
Not TOO much.
I'm still critical of myself.
But I've learned to let go more and just enjoy moving.
Enjoying the ride.  The results come as I move along.
After two years of working out, I have now taken on healthier eating.
I eat Paleo.
I didn't think I could do that either.
I gave it a month commitment.
Now it's more than 2 months later.
I'm having to give away a lot of my clothes.  That's a good thing (Martha!).
I can share more about that.
But just know that you don't have to do it all at once.
I have taken baby steps.
Done things when I was ready to commit and add to my new routine.
Don't wait like I did.
Don't start tomorrow.
Just start right now!


Melissa K said...

I REALLY REALLY REALLY love this! YOu are such a great example to SO many women out there who have bad self-images, or low will-power...or whatever the case may be...you are a great motivator! THANKS

Angela Henrie said...

Thanks, melissa. But do you realize how motivating YOU are? I take one look at your quads and I am committed to crossfit for life!